A downloadable text adventure

This is The Meal. A post-apocalyptic text adventure, written in Python.

It has five different endings. Ending 5 is the worst, and Ending 1 the best.

Your struggle to find food, to stretch your survival by atleast, a single day.

Install instructions

Install python: it provides you the ability to run .py files.

Python is available for Linux, Windows and macOS.

Their website: www.python.org

Use the [python 2.7] file for Python 2.7

Android users: download qpython from the play store.

qpython uses python 2.7 as a backend, download [python 2.7] executable and place it inside storage/qpython/scripts. then run as usual.

Thank you for downloading.


the meal.py 2 kB
the meal[python 2.7].py 2 kB