Read below for how to play:

and there's no start screen, sorry about that...

Welcome to ONE, a math puzzle game created for GMTK game{jam}; 2019.

Apply arithmetic operations to leave only one tally mark in the middle of your screen.

Finish with the smallest number of moves possible!

To play:

Press one of the three choice buttons and hit go. M to mute sounds and P to pause. You get only one sixth of one minute and you lose or gain points depending on how much time you take to answer, so you'd better be quick!

 the tally marks have a maximum value of one-fourth of one hundred, so as to not flood the screen, and they turn dark if the number is negative.

Please note that the score is time-dependent and therefore proportional to the number of moves, and increases based on how quickly you answer.

UPDATE: Mobile friendly version here

Disclaimer: This is my first game ever, and I only had 20h to make it, because I couldn't do any work the first day due to various reasons, so please be gentle :P

Made in p5.js. [wish it was called p1.js :p...]

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